Fifth beta of YouScope 2.0 available

We just released the fifth beta version of YouScope 2.0. In this beta, we introduce new path optimizers for microplate measurements. These optimizers are 1.5- and 2-approximations of the traveling salesman problem, thus, typically return very good or even the optimal paths through the microplate. Important Note: The last beta release of YouScope (R2016 Beta 4) contained a serious bug which might lead to loss of data (overweiting of images during a measurement) when imaging different wells of a microplate havind different y-positions, but the same x-position. In this bug, the file-name generated by default for new images only includes the identifier of the y-position, but not of the x-position. We strongly recommend that anybody using the Beta 4 either switches to the new Beta 5 version, or downgrades to Beta 3. All versions can be found in our download area.

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Lang, M., Rudolf, F., & Stelling, J. (2012).
Use of YouScope to Implement Systematic Microscopy Protocols.
Current Protocols in Molecular Biology, 14-21.

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